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So you're interested in joining us, eh?

Well have no fear for within a matter of clicks you can! There are two locations where we need some minor information from you in order to join Laker Legends.

  1. Register at OrgSync, this is Grand Valley's student organization homepage, and you must register here in order to be fully enrolled in the club.
  2. We also ask that you add some gaming details on our Users page. This page helps us, the club, keep track of all of our members. It is also a great place to find teammates and reach out to members with similiar interests.

IMPORTANT: Non-currently enrolled GVSU students may skip part 1, as a GVSU ID is required for OrgnSync, however please complete part 2.
Welcome to Laker Legends!
Grand Valley State University's League of Legends club.

The purpose of the club is to provide an organization through which League of Legends players at GVSU can find each other, organize events, and create teams for competitive play. Additionally, players who are new or casual are welcome to be a part of the community just to play games and have fun.

Weekly Meetings
Wednesdays: 6:00 pm
Thursdays: 6:00 pm
*Meetings alternate between online and on campus, view our Events for more details.
Did you know that Riot Games has a Collegiate Program for college clubs?

Laker Legends is a proud member of the Collegiate Program and due to this we get all kinds of cool free swag to hand out to you!

How do you get some free swag you ask?
Either attend our bi-weekly meetings for random drawings or compete in one of our many tournaments / contests!
All upcoming events can be found on the Events page.
Here is a list of chat rooms/programs that we use to communicate with each other.

Label: GVSU
Port: 36221
Username: (Summoner)

While you are not required to sit in a chat channel we do strongly recommend that you auto-join the PvP.NET chatroom as this is a great way to meet more members.
Being a cool club and all we do have some member appointed leaders. These leaders are our club "officers" and they are the responsible folk whom are in charge of internal member issues and anything relating to GVSU affairs. Here are our current officers, feel free to seek any of them out!

Lamont Arrington
Eric Pastula
Christian Ross
Community Relations
Jerry Collom
Captain Shizno
Competitive Teams
Ryan Burl
Event Planning
Jake Collins
Website Admin
Austin Anderson
Lord Imrhial




An officer will contact you within the next 24 hours. News!




Addtional News


Announcement 1

ATTENTION! This is no longer the main page for our club. Due to some hosting issues it is not located at

Announcement 2

ATTENTION! This is no longer the main page for our club. Due to some hosting issues it is not located at


Todays Events
8/21/2017 9:39:14 AM

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