Lamont Arrington

Mage Arri
My name is Lamont Arrington and I am a non-traditional student at GVSU. I served in the military for almost 5 years and I played a ton of League of Legends. I am attending school for writing and Japanese language & culture because of my love for both Japan and League of Legends. I have spent extensive time in Japan and speaking with everyone involved in the League of Legends scene there! I am the President of the LoL club at GVSU and aspire to bring community to the school, the city of Grand Rapids, and the colleges of Michigan. If ever you have any questions or want to be a part of our community then please send me an email and i'll introduce you to the Japanese crowd or the Michigan college crowd, let me know!

Club Roles

  • Preside over all meetings.
  • Call special meetings.
  • Carry out the provisions of the constitution.
  • Appoint committees and chairpersons.
  • Oversee all committee activities.

Vice President
Eric Pastula

Support Kazumanosora
Eric is a Chinese Studies major senior who is also learning Japanese. When he is not playing league, he is usually helping out in clubs such as the Japanese Cultural Association or the Asian student union. Other interests include playing music with his band, watching bad movies with friends, and just being an all around hipster.

Club Roles

  • Assume the duties of the president in his/her absence.
  • Perform any duties delegated by the president.

Christian Ross

Mage IntricateDeath
I have been a gamer all my life. League was the first and only game able to pull me off of WoW after years of raiding. I began playing League early season 1 and started playing more seriously in season 2 when I finally cancelled my WoW account and never looked back. Have alternated between mid and ADC regularly and although failing my plat promos 3 times in season 3 hit plat in the first month of season 4. Hoping to hit Diamond by the end of the season and looking forward to playing with the club in a competitive environment. I am the secretary and help out generally with club things including information regarding meetings and competitive teams.

Club Roles

  • Record and keep accurate minutes of all meetings.
  • Act as correspondence clerk.
  • Print and distribute agenda for all meetings.

Community Relations
Jerry Collom

Support Captain Shizno
Play's league, drinks beer, has a pet penguin named Vincent.

Club Roles

  • Provide interested parties with information regarding club events and endeavors.
  • Be the public point of contact for any external inquiries regarding the club.

Team Organizer
Ryan Burl

Marksman Xinthus
The master of shadows and the most promising of our champions. He remains unseen and unheard from the majority of the club, but his presence is always known by his markings in the "seen by" list. A man of few words, but of great actions. He see's all and is always watching. Always watching and silently judging you.

Club Roles

  • Provide a competitive program for top-tier players and aspiring competitive players.
  • Encourage sportsmanship and a positive attitude for all players at all times.
  • Facilitate competitive events at all levels of competition.

Event Planning
Jake Collins

Mage jcollins14
Started gaming from a young age with Super Mario Bros. 3, which eventually enthused an interest in electronics. Was never really hooked on gaming until I received a PS3 and started playing Call of Duty. My interest in electronics brought me to build a PC, and from that, I started playing League. I joined in early Season 2, leveling until I could play ranked in Season 3. Got to Silver 1 in solo queue maining ADC in season 3, and transitioned to mages in season four. I am currently high gold, and hoping to hit play by the end of Season 4. As the club's Event Organizer, I help set up any and all Events we do, whether it's an in-person LAN style meeting or just playing together online. I also help provide art assets as I am one of the few officers who happens to know Photoshop.

Club Roles

  • Organize and plan community events.
  • Help Competitive Team Manager with competitive events and possible streaming for community.
  • Help initiate matches for members during meetings or other community gatherings.

Website Admin
Austin Anderson

Tank Lord Imrhial
My name is Austin Anderson, I am 23 and I am entering my 6th and final year at GVSU studying Computer Science with certifications in basic Japanese. I enjoy web application development, fishing, running, ultimate frisbee, and soccer. I started playing Leauge right before Nocturnes release and dominated the fields of justice with Pantheon. I hit Silver for season I and have remained at silver due to real life busyness. I built this website from scratch and maintain it for Laker Legends. Got any Q's, just ask! :)

Club Roles

  • Join your games as Teemo.
  • Lay lots of KS'ing shrooms.
  • Excessively feed.
  • Leave after feeding.
  • Maintain this website.

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